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The Man Of Steel Is Back And This Time It Is Better

The internet games have opened up avenues for kids to try out different genres of games. Surprisingly the gangster games that are developed and designed keeping kids and children in mind tend to be extremely popular among the adults and grownups as well. One such online game is the Bob The Robber 2 that is admired and loved by all age groups all across the globe.

Whenever a sequence of a game comes out in the market, it is a proof of the popularity of the game. Same is with Bob The Robber 2. Keeping more or less the similar storyline along with the same protagonist character like the original version, this new version is as interesting and engaging to keep the players hooked to the game for hours.

Experience the trill with Bob once again

It is really hard to find a thief in the present world who is honest, fighting against corruption and wanting to come out of the criminal world. This is what we know about Bob and in this version as well, he needs your help to fight against all the plotting against him. Are you ready to experience the fun-filled and thrilling game once again with comical characters and hilarious illustration?

What are the operations the main character needs to take?

There are 60 new levels added in this new version. You will cover the streets of Seagull Bay, Shamville, Mafioso and Playa and decide on the goodies that you will rob. You have to help the main character to find out whether aliens really exist or not, stop Dr. Thievious from making incorrect plans and also help with the planning of the wedding of a mobster’s daughter. The man of steel is back with all the action.

Same old character, but with new tricks

There are different ways that you have to execute in order to make yourself hide and not get caught and also cater to the allocated work. You have hug around the walls so that you are out of sight, make noise to distract the guards and in case you get caught, you have to find out ways to come out of the trap fast. The same old Bob is there with some additional tricks.

Bob can use RC cars, several new gadgets and Teleportation mines in order to avoid getting caught. Bob can be customized with respect to the style and looks. You can rent stylish outfits from Cassi’s Costume Rental service and embellish the protagonist with the looks and appearance as you desire. Things have got better with Bob The Robber 2.

Try the game today

Since the time of its release in the market, the game has acquired several gamers hooked to it. This has also become one of the most interesting and engaging jail game plays in the entire online flash games. It is true that there are several similar games available on the web but this one is different and unique from the others.

In case you are always looking for a fast action and adrenaline rushing games, Bob The Robber is the appropriate game for you. You will never be bored with the game as it is absolutely engaging. Unless and until you try it out you won’t be able to realize its excitement and thrill.